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About Me

My name is Felecia  and I am the mother of two beautiful and spirited young ladies. My girls are 13 & 5... talk about an age gap!! But they are my world. I have a long time boyfriend (clearly, 2 kids, no marriage...yet!) and we as a family love supporting him and his dad at the race track, every weekend (unless of course I have a wedding to shoot).

So I won't bore you with my "stats", i.e. qualifications . My work will or won't speak to you in its style. Everyone has their own taste, and I do not take offense if I don't fit yours! So instead, here are some fun facts about me. I feel its more important you know who I am :) & if you'd like to hear my 15+ years of experience, I'd love to share that with you!


-I was born and raised in New Hampshire & Mass. I love an Iced coffee from Dunks.. But I am a regular coffee kinda lady. If I walked into Starbucks, I'd need my 13 yr. old to help me order. 

-With that being said, I also have an accent... Boston, or Valley depending where your from. I try to tame it, but put me around my family and its 10x stronger.

-In fact I worked at a Restaurant, before re-branding my photog business, and they'd make fun of me when I'd ask for a chicken palm... I mean, I live 12 mins from you guys, why you teasing me!!!

- I can't go anywhere without my Blistex... Original, green tube... not light green, not the blue round one! Green, original. Again, pretty simple person.

-I am so laid back & definitely don't sweat the small stuff. Life is way to short, and I have recently over come years of self driven anxiety... just breathe! In fact, I've become  friends with almost all my regular clients. 

-In my past life, I may or may not have been a little hippie. I may have traveled the Eastern Coast following the Allman Brothers show at festivals. I love and appreciate good music!! All kinds, and more recently became a big Country fan!

-With all that being said... I'll add 1 more thing. I am so passionate about my work. I get excited when presented with new ideas for sessions. I have grown as a person and artist over the years, because I am so driven & love to push myself. I often edit my photos, and recently videos, listening to soft music with headphones. When you come in the studio... music. It helps my creativity. I love to share my passion and offer 1:1 mentoring. After all if it wasn't for my mentor, I wouldn't be where I am today :)

Contact Me

100 North Broadway

Salem, NH 03079

Tel: 603-339-5564

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